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Georgeos Hardo

Last Updated May 2021


I'm a PhD student in systems (and synthetic) biology in the Department of Engineering at The University of Cambridge. I like DNA, maths, Linux and bacteria. You can see my (probably out of date) CV here. You can follow me on Twitter here!

1   Introduction

I am a BBSRC DTP PhD student Biological Sciences at (Wolfson College) Cambridge University. I completed master's degree in the same university, and my undergraduate degree (B.Eng) in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

2   Research

My main focus is in the field of systems biology. I am studying the effects of ageing, toxin anti-toxin systems and persistence in bacterial systems such as B. subtilis. I use various numerical simulation techniques, synthetic biology tools and high throughput timelapse microscopy. I work in the Department of Engineering in Somenath Bakshi's lab. I additionally do some work related to DNA assembly in Gos Micklem's group in Genetics.

3   Other Projects

I'm involved in two molecular programming initiatives. The first is molpigs, a community to bring together young and early career researchers in molecular programming. You can listen to our podcast here. The second project is part of The Molecular Programming Society as an editor on an open source textbook called The Art of Molecular Programming. This textbook aims to collect all the pieces of lore which exist scattered throughout the field and put them in once place, alleviating the pain of graduate students everywhere.

4   Teaching

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